Sl. No. Name of the program Venue Resource person/Guest Year
1 A seminar on “Problems and solutions of Physics teaching and learning in under graduate and post graduate levels in Assam”. Dept. of Physics, Gauhati University (G.U). Prof. B. Choudhury (G.U.), Prof. G.C. Deka (ex principal of Cotton College), Prof. K.D. Krori (Cotton College). 1998
2 A Seminar on ‘Renewable Energy Sources and roles of teachers and students for their uses’.
A booklet entitled “Renewable Energy” was also released in the seminar.
B.N. College, Dhubri. Prof. M.N. Bora, Founder president, APS. 1998
3 Assam Physical Society celebrated the National Science Day on 28th Feb (1999) where essay and quiz competitions were organized. Gauhati University. Members of APS 1999
4 National Science Day on 28th Feb (2000) was celebrated by the Assam Physical Society. Gauhati University. Members of APS 2000
5 A seminar on “Golden decade: Emergence of modern science (EMS) 1895-1905” and a Quiz Competition was also held. Pub Kamrup College Prof. M.N. Bora, Dr. B.K. Sarma and Dr. A. Rahman, G.U. 2001
6 A seminar on “X ray, its properties and impact on society” and essay competition on spectrum. Pub Kamrup College Prof. M.N. Bora, G.U. 2002
7 Books entitled “Sambad projyokti bidya”and “Maulik Bijyan: Kaitiman Dis” were published. 2002
8 A seminar on the topic “Cosmic Radiation” was held. Pragjyotish College Prof. K.M. Pathak (VC, Tezpur University), Prof. D.K. Choudhury (Dept. of Physics, GU) and Prof. K.D. Krori (Ex Principal, Cotton College) 2002
9 A popular talk on the topic “The Wonderful World of Strings.” Pragjyotish College Dr. Pabitra Borgohain, Ex Prof. of Cotton College 2002
10 A popular talk on “Impact of Modern Physics on Human Thoughts” and Science Exhibition was held D.K. College, Mirza. Prof. Amarendra Rajput, Dibrugarh University 2003
11 A popular talk on “Non-conventional Energy” Morigaon College Prof. M.N. Bora, G. U. 2003
12 Celebration of National Science Day Every year
13 A talk on “Einstein for Everyone” Bajali College Naresh Dadhich, Emeritus Prof. And Former Director of IUCAA 2016
14 A workshop on Electrical & Electronic project for six semester degree students College. Rangia College 2016
15 Two popular lectures on “Einstein’s Theory of Relativity” and “RadioAstronomy.” Handique Girls’ college Prof. K.D. Krori, Ex Principal, Cotton College and Prof. Anil Kr. Goswami, Ex Principal, Cotton College 2016
16 Two popular talk entitled
“ Spectrum and Raman Effect” and “ Use of Electricity and Global warming” were delivered. A quiz competition was also conducted as a part of National Science Day celebration.
Pioneer Academy, Puthimari Dr. Chitralekha Talukdar, (President,APS) PubKamrupColl., Dr. Kushal Kalita, G. U. and Dr. Mausumi Bhuyan, (Secretary, APS) Rangia College. 2017
17 Invited and Informative talk on “Experimental facilities in BARC,Mumbai and scopes/options available for the studies in research and development” Rangia College Dr. Bidyut Jyoti Roy, Scientist G, Nuciear Physics Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai-85 & Professor, Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI),Mumbai 2017
18 An essay competition held by APS on the topic “The Work of a Physicist Who influenced you”. Among various colleges 2017
19 Popular talk on “Human Eye : An interface between Physics and Biology” Gopalthan High School Dr Chitralekha Talukdar
Associate prof.,Dept.of physics, Pub Kamrup College
20 State level Physics Olympiad among the students of class X and XII held on 24/12/2017 Pub Kamrup College, Rangia College, Pandu College, Bajali College 2017
21 An essay competition held by APS on the topic”The role of physics in information and Technology evolution” Among various colleges 2018
22 State level Physics Olympiad among the students of class X and XII on 28/10/2018 and 4/11/2018 respectively. Pub Kamrup College,Gateway Academy, Rangia College,Pandu College, BajaliCollege,Tihu college,Nalbari college, 2018
23 Popular talk on”Scientific Development” at prize distribution ceremony of POAPS.(2/2/2019) Pub Kamrup College Prof. Sarbeswar Busarbarua ,Founder director of Centre for Plasma Physics 2019
24 Popular talk on “Pohor anyatam sakti”and Dhemalir majere vijnan” on 24/08/2019 Kamrup Vidyapith High School, Baihata Chariali Dr Chitralekha Talukdar
Associate prof., physics, and Dr.Kalpana Misra,Ass.Prof , Math ., Pub KamrupCollege
25 State level Physics Olympiad among the students of class X and XII on 20/10/2019 At eleven colleges and schools. 2019
26 International Woman’s Day 8 March 2021 was celebrated by COVID awareness programme. Agdala Anganbadi centre.Baihata chariali Dr. Chitralekha Talukdar .and Bitopan Boro.Assistant prof.(Biophysics) Pub Kamrup College. 2021

List of activities of Assam Physical Society (APS)

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